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About ImmuNet

ImmuNet Council

The ImmuNet is organized by a Council representing a number of different basic and clinical departments on campus.  We meet several times a year to discuss the future directions of Immunology on campus with respect to the seminar series, generation of funding for the series, faculty recruitment and graduate and undergraduate teaching.  If you have any issues that you would like to have discussed by the council please inform Dr. Troy Baldwin at

ImmuNet Retreat

Each year (generally in June) students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty are invited to attend a one-day retreat. Students and fellows were given a chance to present 10 minute oral presentations throughout the day. The presentations are followed by dinner as well as a poster competition. This function is free because of the generous contributions by a number of organizations. This function is arranged entirely by student organizers who arrange the meals, scientific meeting, and solicit potential sponsors. For more information on the ImmunNet Retreat, please follow the link on the main page.

Peer Review

One of the aims of the ImmuNet is to facilitate peer review. When new faculty arrive on campus they are often unaware of other faculty in related areas of research that are in the various departments on campus. Our goal is to help find potential reviewers for grants proposals and manuscripts in Immunology. If you would like to have a grant or manuscript reviewed by a member of the ImmuNet please contact Dr. Hanne Ostergaard at:


The ImmuNet can be used as a useful source of reagents. If you are looking for a particular cell line, reagent, an unusual piece of equipment or perhaps would like to find an individual with expertise in a particular area, an e-mail can be sent to all members of the ImmuNet to determine who might be able to provide the reagents or expertise. To maintain a level of control over e-mails sent to members of the ImmuNet, all such requests must go through Debbie Doudiet at


Page last updated March 29, 2019